S.W.I.M. is committed to the reform of the Roman Catholic Church as it pertains to the roles, ministry and service of women as well as to greater inclusivity in liturgical language.

We gather once a month to “grow” a community of women experienced in ministry who either have or will develop the skills through S.W.I.M. to become effective advocates for institutional reform.

We also serve as a support group where women connect and sustain each other, finding an outlet for sharing their frustrations and disappointments with the institutional church.

We develop programs to be offered in the community, invite speakers (including those from other faith traditions) to meet with us, discuss books, dialogue and share our experiences, support and nurture one another through community and liturgy, and plan campaigns we might wage.

We actively advocate for reform within the Roman Catholic Church through activities such as letter writing, demonstrations, prayer, and sponsoring public information events.

picture of a demonstrator supporting women religious